What We Do


The Emerald Group provides a wide variety of consulting services to both large and small businesses. Situations routinely arise in business that require the services of a professional negotiator. Many businesses do not have either the time or expertise to negotiate the sale or acquisition of major real or intellectual property assets. For example, the sale of a patent is a particular area where most inventors and small businesses have great difficulty. In certain cases extreme confidentiality is required to explore all the options prior to the announcement of any potential sale or acquisition. The Emerald Group provides experienced negotiators who will maintain a confidential buffer between the parties until the appropriate stage in the negotiation has been completed.

Another example where the Emerald Group has been very successful is in assisting business reorganizations where multiple parties own the business. In these situations many parties feel uncomfortable or disadvantaged when entering negotiations with their partners. We have found that many people require negotiation and tactical advice prior to and during sale, merger and purchase negotiations. The Emerald Group does not take the place of qualified legal and accounting advisers, however, we fill the gap at the negotiation table or behind the scenes. We will point out potential problem areas and recommend they be discussed with qualified legal and accounting advisers. We will suggest specific alternatives and negotiate individual or joint positions if desired. The Emerald Group can help reduce the emotional factors and increase the trust level between the parties in order to come to a satisfactory agreement.

The Emerald Group specializes in credit arrangements, supplier disputes and major customer issues. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation, no cost consultation where we will jointly decide if our services can assist you.