Net Settlement

We are pleased to offer our clients the latest Alternate Dispute Resolution service available. We call this service Net Settlement. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s confidential, and it’s very cost effective. But the best thing about Net Settlement, if you don’t settle your dispute, you are not charged.

Here’s how it works. Both parties agree to submit an offer to settle to us either by fax or confidential email. We review the offers and advise the parties if they are within an agreed settlement range. If the offers are outside the agreed range, we advise the parties there is no settlement. We will further advise the parties of the likelihood of reaching settlement through a subsequent offer. If the offers are within the agreed settlement range, we advise the parties that a settlement has been reached and help them conclude the settlement. Please contact us for a no obligation opinion of whether Net Settlement is right for you.

Net Settlement works very well when the circumstances of the parties are changing rapidly, when the costs to litigate are a major concern, when money is the major or the only issue in dispute or when side issues are uncomplicated. However, many clients try Net Settlement before other forms of ADR because it is fast, efficient and if no settlement is reached, there is absolutely no cost to the parties.